Forgotten Few, by Paul Beaver


Format: Paperback
Subject: Military History
Subjects: History & Military
Publication Year: 2019
Author: Paul Beaver
Language: English
ISBN: 9780993554537



Forgotten Few is a homage to the 57 naval pilots who flew in the Battle of Britain. For 20 years, the Admiralty and the Air Ministry did not recognise the valiant efforts of these young men – now historian Paul Beaver has compiled their biographies and explains the award of the coveted Battle of Britain clasp.

Nine of the Forgotten Few died in combat but five became aces. There is no doubt that they contributed to the ultimate victory, even though they were mostly flying their obsolete Sea Gladiator biplanes and obsolescent Fairey Fulmar. Twenty-three more pilots joined famous RAF Fighter Command squadrons and one achieved local notoriety as Douglas Bader’s wingman in fights over London.

In his endeavour, Paul has been supported by the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust, the London Memorial team, the Fly Navy Heritage Trust (Navy Wings), Matthew Willis and Geoff Simpson.


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